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PausaCENTRO is located at the heart of the Sico, which boasts an incredibly diverse and rich natural heritage.

At the edge of the Sico limestone massif, the landscape is that of limestone bluffs, striking hills, & pleasant pastures. Much of the land is still used today for the production of Olives, Grapes, & cheese.

In the spring it is a glorious display of flowers which seem to burst from every field, wall, & riverbank.

A stroll along the Caminho da Santiago, which meanders through the Olive groves following the Rio Mouros is well worth the time. Pass by ancient villages that seem to have been forgotten by time. See the goats & sheep that produce the milk for the famous Rabacal cheese.

See the Eagles soaring overhead as you pass by Juromelo.

We have witnessed some amazing nature here, from Fireflies in the warm evenings of June, to Skop owls, Nightingales, Barn owls, Wild boar, Snakes (they are more afraid of you) to Praying mantis, amazing Swallowtail butterflies, & much much more.


A nature lovers paradise.


Figuiera da Foz

The Atlantic coast (Silver coast) boasts 800km of mainly untouched, unspoilt coastline, many with sand dunes and pine forests. Figueira da Foz is a seaside town located where the Mondego river meets the Atlantic.

To the North are pretty beaches, with safe swimming and small villages where you can grab a drink or a bite to eat.

Quiaios and Praia da Tocha being the most accessible and prettiest.

only 1 hour by car. Or 40mins by train from Coimbra B station.

To the South is Praia do Cabadelo, where you can learn to surf, and Costa de Lavos.


only 40 mins by car.


Fragas de São Simão


Fragas de São Simão is located in the hills above Avelar.

A stunning gorge, with the River flowing in the bottom, 


 only 10mins by car, and well worth a visit.

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