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103 Witbier

103 Witbier

Artikelnummer: PB WB 22
184,50 €Preis
20 Liter
inkl. MwSt. |

Witbier (Slap & Tickle)


is a Belgian-style ale that's very pale and cloudy in appearance due to it being unfiltered and the high level of wheat that's used in the mash. Witbiers are also commonly referred to as 'white beers.


This is a classic, Belgian style cloudy beer. A spicy flavour mixes with complex banana & orange notes to give this “white beer” its distinct character.


Serve Cold.

ABV: 4.5%



Nicht verfügbar
  • Equipment Rental - Private individuals

    20L Keg* with all necessary equipment for dispensing inc:

    20L Keg, Gas regulator

    Gas line with Ball lock quick connect for gas

    3m Beer dispensing line with Ball lock quick connect

    Picnic dispensing tap.

    Total Package - €250 deposit, full refund on return.

    *Does not include cost of Beer

  • Equipment Rental - Bars/Cafes/Restaurants

    20L Keg* - €50 deposit (rolling deposit)

    2kg Co2 Gas Bottle, inc: Reg - €100 (rolling deposit)

    Pump Heads - Contact direct for further details

    Gas Line and fitting - Contact direct for further details

    Beer Lines - Contact direct for further details

    *Does not include cost of Beer

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