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704 Sico Whiskey (+Oak)

704 Sico Whiskey (+Oak)

Artikelnummer: PB SWOA 22
Preisab 12,50 €
250 Zentiliter
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Sico Whiskey (+ Oak)


is made in the heart of the Sico, using water, yeast, sugar, and a Oak chips.

Triple distilled to provide the cleanest, most crisp Whiskey we can.


Using our Sico Whiskey as a base, we infuse the liquor with Oak chips ,

for a minimum of 1 month. Once the infusion is complete, the Sico Whiskey is triple filtered to provide a clean, smooth, strong Whiskey. We then infuse the whiskey with more oak chips for a minimum of 3 months. Once the infusion is complete, the Whiskey is triple filtered to provide a clean, smooth, peaty Whiskey that is the perfect drink on a cold winters night, or even better long, on ice with soda, or water in the summer.


Hints of caramel, and peat, and the clean waters of the Sico.


ABV 40% 



    Craft Spirit brewed with all-natural ingredients:

    Water, Sugar, Yeast.

    Toasted Oak chips for flavour.


    Although we are sure you will be entirely satisfied with your purchase, we understand that as this is an Artisanal handmade, craft spirit, should you have any problems at all, please contact us to arrange a return or refund if required.


    Delivery and shipping within mainland Portugal by specialist courier. 6 x 750ml in Cardboard box @ €10-00 delivered within 3-5 business days of payment of order.

    For International shipping please contact us directly for a price before placing an order.

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