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202 Black IPA

202 Black IPA

Artikelnummer: PB BIPA 22
184,50 €Preis
20 Liter
inkl. MwSt. |

Black IPA (Full Frontal Labotomy)


As black as night but with the clean, citrus finish you would expect from a pale or golden ale, the contradiction in this beer will confuse the senses but delight the palate.


This is a super new-ish style, and the first record of it being brewed was back in 1994 from a brewery on the east coast of American from a place called Vermont Pub and Brewery.


Serve Cold.

ABV: 5.3%


Nicht verfügbar
  • Equipment Rental - Private individuals

    20L Keg* with all necessary equipment for dispensing inc:

    20L Keg, Gas regulator

    Gas line with Ball lock quick connect for gas

    3m Beer dispensing line with Ball lock quick connect

    Picnic dispensing tap.

    Total Package - €250 deposit, full refund on return.

    *Does not include cost of Beer

  • Equipment Rental - Bars/Cafes/Restaurants

    20L Keg* - €50 deposit (rolling deposit)

    2kg Co2 Gas Bottle, inc: Reg - €100 (rolling deposit)

    Pump Heads - Contact direct for further details

    Gas Line and fitting - Contact direct for further details

    Beer Lines - Contact direct for further details

    *Does not include cost of Beer

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